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Reviews for "Murder Gangster Rakoon"


i have not seen those in a while. it was pretty fun it i thought they were done with those assassin games keep up the good work yoink!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YoinK responds:

thanks dude, i'm a huge fan of the old assassin games.

You did fantastic! Too good for them!

Yoink i'd just like to say it was great and a ton of fun. This little midget internet wangster messed with the wrong people yet again. This was a great project and i had blast playing it over and over LOL!

Yoink again thank you for allowing us to test and share ideas it was great. I had alot more fun shooting the worthless little scared 2$mic broke bitch with this game more than i did in GTA4 chasing his scared ass away haha!

A masterpiece you surprised me with the boss battle it was brilliant your a genius!

Grats to Kellz on exposing the little bitch, lol!

YoinK responds:

glad you liked it lejin


FINALLY HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA MCRAKOON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHAHAHAHAHAHA gettin stomped, but yo, a lil bit too hard still man. i mean, its not real hes much more easyer to kill u know that :P

YoinK responds:

this game isn't that tough, just stay focused. Shoot his hand when he tries to bitch slap. When you see "zero bomb... have your crosshair near the empire state building and high in the air. The higher in the air, the easier to shoot down that zero bomb.

Classic Celebrity Assassination. O_O

Zero bombs on flash and audio. xD

I get to shoot my cousin. D=


YoinK responds:

thanks, glad you liked it.

loved it

great game, couldnt beat it with laptop, cause of manueverability, but anyway, i loved it, sick game. Good job!!!

YoinK responds:

yea.. a mouse is definitely needed to beat this game.Glad you liked the game Obie.