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Reviews for "Murder Gangster Rakoon"

Not my thing

Now if I could play this game on the Wii, I'd be as happy as a pig in shit. That would have made the game so much more fun and potentially challenging, since you need to get the hang of aiming like that, although it is good fun.

Is it possible to shoot the tacos and whatever else he throws at you out of the sky? God knows I tried to, but it might just have been my poor aim that cost me in this instance.

I would have preferred a few more levels on this game, as it can certainly go far, perhaps get the guy down to a certain level of health and have him run off somewhere else, when he attacks you again with only 3/4 or 1/2 of his hit points.

Still, the mechanics of the game worked nicely and although the game doesn't suit my tastes, I think that it will do nicely for many people's tastes.

[Review Request Club]

Hard but fun

It was pretty hard beating Rakoon (although I have no idea who he is) due to the large health. the constant clicking which gave a little damage, and the two stages. The thrown objects were pretty fast.
The graphics were great, considering your theme of old-skool but I felt there should be more animation and attacks.

(title in work)

Ahh, this brings me back to the days of great assassin games. Awesome job in that aspect of making this seem old school. No idea who this guy is, but it's pretty funny that he eats dildos and grows into a massive super being.

That was really funny but...

After he got big, he went off the screen and the game froze.

YoinK responds:

I'm not quite sure why it freezes... it might have to do with the v-cam... but i'm sorry that it freezes a little bit at that point in the game... :(

this is a sick game!!!

its fun shooting rakoon and i always win, well i think everyone else does too lol. no disrespect, but yea. yo you need to make one of jersey endless, it would be funny as hell lol. but yea, good job yoink, keep it up. peace!!!

-Jersey Endless

YoinK responds:

I don't know who jersey endless is..... but I sure as hell busted my ass for a week making this game. glad you liked it.