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Reviews for "Murder Gangster Rakoon"


this game is funny and violent my favorites but a little hard but at last i win

good game

i love how u added the second stage so that u get a bigger head to shoot at and that he hides less. btw i lol'd wen he threw tacos at me.

so hard!!!!!

superb hotttt buttt hard.... :))))


I hate gangsters and rap and all that crap so it was awsome to get revenge! LOL! And for the people saying its too hard you must suck at games! Not saying its easy but there are ways to avoid damage! Just shoot the stuff that he throws at you and shoot the lawn mower when he tries to hit you with it, and his hand when tries to bitchslap you! I PWNED HIM! LOL!

YoinK responds:

the challenge is really what brings people back to keep trying at it. Glad you liked this game. I'm currently working on two new games. But this time they are drawn.

ok, I know you didnt wanna make an esy game....

but cmon this is rediclious, you dont even get a damage bonus from shooting him in the head, and the things he throws at you do rediculiois damage, comparitivly its more like hes shooting you and your throwing tacos at him. As for the second stage, its even worse than the first in the fact that its even more rediculious damage done to you, and when you pop him in the head, he just kinda shrugs it off and goes back to whooping your ass......

Lighten up a little ont he damage he deals, or in crease the damage you deal, and youd have at least an entertaining game, as is, its more annoying than anything, cause after you beat teh first level your goin "Ok I should get a better weapon or somehting here..." but it never happens......