Reviews for "Mecha Dress Up Game"

oooooh, shiny

Theres something about creating a big steel existence ending death machine that just makes me feel all warm inside. Very cool options, much variety, good graphics

cool game

totally awesome metal background music, totally awesome robot parts/weapons, cool sound affects nice background, a nice game to pass some time, i just wish if i can same the robot ive made or same the picture of the robot imade... that would be more awesome

I... got... guns...

For a Dress up game, this is a very, very good game. Even though it is only a dress up. The number of nicely compact and cooperating possibilities made me create at least a dozen different mechs on my first go.

There is a lot to choose from, and if somebody ever complained that there are not enough I would agree with such an opinion only if somebody showed a game with a wider range of possibilities.

One downside I see though is that I really wanted to save my Mech, and a nice "Save Mech" button would be nice (perhaps saving the onscreen mech as a JPG) but then I am complaining over nothing. Somebody who knows where Print Screen is, and even the Pain application would be able to save his creation, which does not mean epople like be (completely lazy people) should not have an Easy Save button.

I small jokes here and there are sweet, and perhaps the only thing which stings my eyes is the limited types of background. The choise is basic, if not too basic. I simply thought it could be a whole lot more interessting if the backgrounds could be: A deserted street, military base, some alien planet, space station, you know what I mean?


Great Job.


this is the coolest "Dress up" game ever

Better than I expected.

I have to give you props on this because I never expected to see a dress up game with medals. Despite it all, I had a really fun time playing with this. You are a highly skilled animator and I love all of the designs and weapons that you make Mecha carry. I just need one more of the secret medals and then I've completed this. Also, Mecha with the lightsaber and stereo speakers looks absurdly awesome.

The only thing I'm counting off for was that it stuck with one main objective the whole time. Granted, it's a dressup game, but you could have incorporated a save feature of somesort. Anyway, still the best dress up game I've played. Great job on this, you really gave dress up games a manlier feeling, haha. Keep up the excellent work!