Reviews for "Mecha Dress Up Game"


This was great. The only issue with it was the fact that you couldnt see what you were adding at some points. On the other hand, this is the best dress up ive ever played.


this game was really good

Good but...

The mech did start to get overcrowded and it was hard to tell what was going on when you had alot of stuff on it, other than that and the lack of color it was pretty good.


I think you have made dress up tame history man, I mean I thought this would be sopme crappy little "ooh look at me I made a drag and drop dress up game with all the best features" kinda game but no, you have made a simple honest to god masterpeice. Bravo.

it's better than i expected.

there is a load of stuff to choose from and over stuff to pile onto that stuff. . . STUFF!!!!!