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Reviews for "Mecha Dress Up Game"

that was asome

ok, can you...
send me the codes to my account ???
i only can do dress up games

dude nice

the weapons the looks the graphics kick ass make another with more stuff not saying its bad but yea a sequel


The art and graphics were really good, nice and detailed, and I liked the animation.
There was a good variety of parts in it, and a lot of customization features (I liked changing the words on the cardboard box and the different amount of weapons). This was really good for a dress up game.
Some problems I had were that some parts covered another, and you might have changed one thing accidentally. A back button, arrows would have been nice to select and scroll through each variety. Some parts can go unnoticed too like the shield and the shoulder guns.
Some suggestions would be to change the background, color of the parts, and to see the robot in action!

great!! <3

It's really good! better then any game I could ever make so yeah >w>

I'm a female so I tried to make the mecha look feminine which was pretty impossible, but an enjoyable task, so I give you nine out of ten, also the link you gave to post screenshots, no longer works just to give you a heads up

It would have been nice to be able to change colors, but like I said, Its better then I can do (I can't even do that button shuffle thing yet >: I fail so hard)
but, yeah, keep up the good work!! <3

matt-likes-swords responds:

Aw man, that thread had like 300 posts and now it's gone T_T
Oh well, thanks for the review.

I've still got a lot of scripting to learn, and color changin will be the first if I ever plan on making a sequel.

Probably the best dress up/builder yet

Nice work man I realy like robots, the color red and lots of things to poke around at. It would be great if you used all these body parts to make an rpg or something. 9/10