Reviews for "Mecha Dress Up Game"


awesome and that's everything to say! It's good even now

the awesome design make it a 7, even being boring

well the robots are pretty cool and the quality of the animation is quite decent.

The design is what make this thing, it's the bright star, most of the possible combinations look awesome (but some heads look really idiot, in fact heads are the worst, the are decent nonetheless) and the number of parts that can be added is incredible, i liked the 2 or 3 wings.

The only thing that this lack's it's actually something to entertain, i mean it looks awesome and all that but i was bored at the 5 minutes, it lacks gameplay in any form, and it also lacks any animation, it would be nice that i could walk, kick, attack, etc. with the robot when i have finished building it up.

You say you have weak programing skills to make a proper game, well you could join a programmer and combine his programing with your design and make the game, it would be cool.

Good builder but as i said before, boring.
Make the game with another guy and it will surely be awesome.

Animation: 8
Design: 10
Sound and music: 9
Entertaining: 2
Average: 7.25
x/5 = 3/5


the robots look so cool

What can i say

Simply Amazing culd of bin better in some ways, overall ill give a 8 it was a good time waster i wish you culd like use it in a battel after or like chnage it pose or rotate it with keyborde, MOST OF ALL MAKE POSES!!!!! IN THE NEXT ONE IF YOU DO MAKE A NEXT ONE!!!

this flash rulz

nothing else to say