Reviews for "Mecha Dress Up Game"

how to get the trhird mecha medal

put the body whit arms and put the third arms on the body whit arms
put the sword whit chainsaw on the left arm
remove the laser sword by clicking on it on the right arm and put the fourth shield
move the mouse to the left and then move it up an arrow will apear click it and select the seventh weapon
select the spider legs whit wheels and put the minigun down there

The medals

Move over the area above the head. An arrow will appear, click the arrow/accessories until you get the medal.

Switch the legs to the second pair of 2 legs. Move in the middle of the legs, an arrow should show up. Click the arrow and then switch through the guns until you get the medal.

Switch through the back accessories until you get to a rocket launcher with like a million rocket slots. Go to the area above the back accessory and click twice to get the medal.

Switch to the cardboard body and then change the front decal to a recycle symbol.

Hit the nuke button.


Very well drawn, good song although short and a bit repetitive, lots of choices. Overall this is done very well. Just needs an uploader so you can save your work.

Oh on a side note, can anyone help me get those medals?


you should make a games were were u get to build a mecha (like above) and fight with it

Eh, fun.

Fun I guess. it'd be cool if there were Simulated battles with it though. awesome though.