Reviews for "TANKMEN - The Machinima"


This was hilarious, make more for all the Tankmen episodes...

~Luigi-dude10 >)

Finally submitted it eh?

Thank you very much! I'll be sure to add this to my favorites. I enjoyed this when i saw this on JohnnyUtah's page and really enjoyed it. Once again, great job.

Omg Lol This Roks

yo this was frikkin tight

RageGummy responds:

ay dog, yoyoyo and all that razzle ma taz

Following in the Steps of RvB

It was so worth watching, the jokes were good, and I loved the charge, it reminded me of red versus blue (not in the use of halo, I know they're both machinimas) in the sense that all the jokes were sarcastic, cynical and dry, just the way I like it!

YAY! Reminds me of Red vs Blue season one.