Reviews for "TANKMEN - The Machinima"


Gee, thanks, Captain Obvious! I don't think anyone of us knew that this was Halo 3, and that the popular Newgrounds series Tankmen was the original idea for this film and was copied off of! Thank you for your that bit of information, O Mighty Know It All. OF COURSE IT'S A COPY!!! How in the freaking world do you think we do not know this? Listen, I don't want to be mean (and I don't curse on the internet) but obvious comments like that? Come on. And don't rate it 0 if it's just a copy. It was a good copy. That got it right down to the guy getting sniped. Change it to a 10 dude, this was awesome.

RageGummy responds:

Thanks for your comments :)


love how you put halo and tankmen together!!! (5 stars because love halo and tankmen!)

TH%u0130S %u0130S COPY!!!

%u0130F YOU KNOW ABOUT HALO (X-BOX GAME) you know this is a copy from Halo3.

Steve and Tankman is spartan soilders like master chief. And the guy that died (at first) was killed with a sniper rifle but it was the same type of the sniper rifle at Halo3.

If you ask%u0131ng hof I now -I saw the SM and it was the same type!!!!!!

but the film was good...BUT %u0130T %u0130SN'T CHANGE SOMETH%u0130NG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


make more!

great vid

dont see many halo clips on NG, and by halo clips i mean actuall halo footage