Reviews for "TANKMEN - The Machinima"


MisterAlexUk , you are a dumb. This is a MACHIMINA, not a In game capture. This is pure 3D , naab.
It's made with existing characters taken for make 3d


the original perfect


just so ya know ITS HALO 3!!!! for all the idiots out there that don't know famous videogames when you see them

very well done

where does the animation come from is it a game?? please let me know it looks a bit like halo but not completely :s

I thought this was gonna be bad.....

But this was actually better than expected. And what's more exciting. It's MACHINIMA! GO MACHINMA =O

Yeah. Great Parody. I love Tankmen, and now I have something to add onto my Video Player. Thanks!

10/10 Stars
5/5 Votes