Reviews for "Perform"

Absolutely inspirational.

I love how the song doesn't try to understate things, almost like its on a different subject.

It's like the film is telling the story of the song, and I think it did so exceptionally. I love the style of film, and it has a great ending.

it's like its saying that the bad things in life are often just misconceptions, something I think is very true. It's not always true, but it quite often turns out to be.

As I said, inspirational and exceptional.

very stylish and refreshingly different

i love your stuff, dude. and this submission is 10 times better than all the other crap shorts they put on the front page. its like i cant go anywhere on this site where there isnt a fucking video game parody looking me in the face. nice job, dude. you really have talent.

Amazing...absolutely amazing.

The artwork was so new-age, but still had a Dali-esque feel to it and your message (if I got it right) is so deep and true!

********SPOILERS!!! SORRY!!!********

Message = Those who who do not conform to society become monsters in society's eyes! Also to never judge a book by its cover.

I cannt wait to see more of your work, great job!

5/5 10/10


lol i loved this movie in fact ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS 5/5 10/10
but one thing.... whats the main plot of this?


Don't worry about what others say. Maybe they just can't understand it. I really loved this piece. It was beautiful. Really good job, please keep it up.