Reviews for "Perform"


I think I understand,it's like some sort of perfect world with no war right,and they attack the boy cause he has a face,si he wears that mask..and those monsters attack because they want him to be diffrent,like it's okay to be diffrent.Is that it?

very nice

EMO BACON! Turn a deaf ear (or a blind eye i guess since ur reading) to anyone that rates this below a 6 :-p

love the plot (to all stoopid ppl: yes there is a plot). Wasn't paying too much attention to the song, was too busy watching teh awesomeness.

PLOT: guy with hair wants to be himself but "Performs" to act like everyone else when in public. The monsters are actually the good guys (other people that ARE themselves in private or public).

gotta love emo ppl though, so worried about being like everyone else that they join a group that we call EMO... can't be a indidvual if your in a GROUP. lolz

Very moving!

I loved it.
10 for message
10 for style
100000 for Overall


Very clever, an original idea. The ending rounded it off perfectly. I reply to an earlier comment, I think it's better that there wasn't much character development, because that reinforces the idea that it could be anyone, it's happening all the time, everywhere.

Nice. 5.


and to the guy below me, from what i can see, the change was cause he became free of confroming to societies rules and was going out to help others who are hiding. So in a way by changing ones self into the from they chose and like, the most it seems almost alien even odd. But For those who do understand, it's common and nothing to be afraid of. Just my two cents.