Reviews for "Perform"

It's just great.

I liked it all, the abstract setting and visuals, the peculiar story, the music, all that. Very well done.

not sure why this isn't rated higher

It really is an amazing animation. The story is very interesting, and the ending is perfect. Its obvious that a lot of thought and emotion went into this piece.

I was energized by the ending

good job

Breaking the Barriers

This makes me very nostalgic. I remember one of Z's teachings, kill the fish to make monsters. To make them realize what they are and what they are capable of. That some of them do not belong to the water, that they have a different destiny that they themselves will shape. With freedom. This is great stuff you are making, man, keep it up!

I guess the merging continues somewhere else in this plane at least


What can i say that hasn't already been said! Loved the animation, the story, and the music seemed to fit brilliantly! All I can think of saying is keep up the great work!


Obviously you dont know anything about this style, Barfquestion uses a hand drawn style which yes, is dark but thats the beauty of it! His had drawn style looks like his work is all stop motion, I personally dont know for sure if it has been but it sure does look that way. klompendans when you get your head out your own ass and then see how hard people work on things like this maybe then you will realise that the reviews go to how hard they work, not on how good and flawless the animation is. klompendans please if you dont like something dont watch it and please please dont review and let people who actually enjoy watching these things, enjoy them.

Right now my rant is over.

Barf, absoultly loved this new addition to your collection, you have a great imagination and loved every second of this animation. hope that some crap reviews people give you dont put you off and cant wait to see your next work :D

by the way is your work stop motion or is it all drawn on flash?
10/10 from me :D