Reviews for "Perform"


The visual art of the place was moving, the colours, the way it looked it all worked fantastic with the music really, and I'll be sure to check them out too, it was a very peaceful song and the voice of the main singer was lovely. I hope you do more work with this style, it was great.

Simply Amazing.

For people who do not understand this, the main character is living in a corporate world where everyone is exactly the same. He, when he was younger, was captured by these mindless sheeple and forced to wear a helmet and conform like everyone else. However, he was still the same unique individual. He gets up, goes to the factory like everybody else, and is spotted by a spider-looking robot and is forced to hide in a room. When he is in the room, a unique-looking creature appears on the ceiling and pushes him into the outer-city ocean. There, he realizes there is another world outside of his restricted dystopia. He comes out of the ocean, and he appears on the top of the buildings, and is greeted by the same spider-robot and unique creature who takes off his disguise, revealing the real him. While looking down on the sheeple, he sees ANOTHER unique person (marked by the different helmet). The main character then turns into a unique-creature and he goes down to the unique person, thus repeating the process.

This movie is very subject to interpretation, but that is my take on it.

very well done

that was really nice work i htink one of the most meaningful movies ive seen i think the mask was what spoke to me the most, great job


That was... I guess the best phrase would be, an experience. I was really deep, very cool, I love it


that was realy cool, i can tell u spent ALOT of time on this. Love the graphics, and the "theme". Realy good, keep up the great work!:)