Reviews for "Perform"


Extremely well done. I love the old school style art and animation you presented. You have a very unique style and have a wicked imagination man. The frames were jumpy and choppy but that's what I'd expect from anyone attempting that style, and besides...you really pulled it off with the overall theme. Everything flowed together really well. My advice is to practice more on drawing people. I'm not a big fan of the eyes on the main character either. Really though, this is a pearl. Keep it up!

I already know...

...people are going to like this.

Maybe front page too.


The visual art of the place was moving, the colours, the way it looked it all worked fantastic with the music really, and I'll be sure to check them out too, it was a very peaceful song and the voice of the main singer was lovely. I hope you do more work with this style, it was great.

great stuff

i get it and i love it. beautifull movie 10/10

Excellent, excellent

Very beautiful and meaningful, and the ending was great. Totally unexpected. *more words of praise*