Reviews for "Perform"


This is absolutly amazing! It's more serious than supervillan, but i like that topic and the cold style and so on!


I'd rather be a monster to society than another one of its blank-faced characters.

It's the way that you draw that really attracts me to your works. Almost old-school, but a definite classic. I don't see much of that these days anymore.

Brilliant symbolism, although I had to watch it a second time to really understand it all. Definitely worth the second run through.

I'll be looking forwards to your next creation.



The symbolism is amazing. The artwork, as always, is very fluid and slightly dark. That, plus the fact you do this the "old fashioned" way simply astounds me...

I haven't logged in for a while

But I did now just to give this a 5/5. You're an amazing artist.


This was amazing! Love the song too :op