Reviews for "Perform"

my mind has been blown away

wow. that was great. The animation was great and worked very well with the music and overall message/meaning of the song. The song chosen was perfect and went well with everything. the style was something i havent seen in quite a while so it was great to see that again. This is most def a fav now.

orgamic presentation of art

very well made video
nice style and message
liked it very much

The answer my friends,

I liked the style and the animation and I admire your dedication greatly. I just love every bit of it, including the music.

And for the message in the movie, I think it's about being yourself. The guy can only be himself when he's alone and when he's out in the world among other people, he's afraid they're going to judge him and make him one of them. The monsters are people who are themselves, and they try to make him realise that he can live how he wants, that he doesn't need to conform to the other and pretend to be something he's not. At the end, he realises this when the 'monsters' confront him with it. This makes him turn into a monster aswell, cause he can be himself, and now that he's a monster he can try and help other people who feel the way he felt all along.
Really isn't as hard to see as some people make it look :/
That or I'm wrong.

It was cool

I didnt like the song but thats just because im not into that new aged crap but i liked the video it suited the song very well 5/5


I love the song, cool animation and graphics!
keep it up the cool work!