Reviews for "Perform"


Kind of lame non understanable drawings with a slight touch of emoness....
i dont like it really, but i think this took some time to make... though, just make it in flash it would have been just fine.. kind of useless effort.

well done, i dont like it.


I liked it alot :D BUt I especially liked the part where he turned into a mysterious creature. It was really cool .......

I just hope the world will never turn into that....Except the monsters ...they are coo l:D

That was amazing!!

one of my favorite submissions lately
i really hope you keep making such excellent work
that art work was great
and the song went along with the animation perfectly


Well, it's not my cup of tea, to be clear, but to be fair, I can't fully judge it on whether or not I as a bit of a brainless wonder can accept it.

I see a LOT of effort put into this. And I see a lot of artistic talent as well. Awesome job, and for those who enjoy this style of artistic rendering of a pretty profound message, definately worth watching. Much as I dislike watching a cartoon to learn a lesson in individuality, I CAN appreciate the amount of work put into this, and definately have to give it a 5 out of 5. :) Nicely done mate. You could go places with a talent like this.

luff it

summary says it all :D