Reviews for "Perform"

deep as shit

i loved how intangible everything was, as if everyone was no one, that kind of message...

and how you kinda got the hint that if you didnt conform, while being forced to in that world, then you would turn into that which forces others to.

grade A!

Very cool

The fame by frame was very smooth and lively. I really like the feel of that room with the rolling walls. The art work and style just blow me away.

That was really great.

I really enjoyed it. It was reaaaally creative and even inspiring in a way. Great work, keep it up.


my only problem with it is the audio quality. the constant high pitch hurt my ears

Ah, Supervillain man...

Nice to see you at it again. This is good work, seriously. Music good, animation style excellent, and it's pretty damn meaningful. IIt says...dare to be different. I like it.