Reviews for "Perform"

Very Nice

I love you animations man. The style is wonderful and some of the humor and dark humor you put in them are fantastic.

Also, anyone not getting the story of this one, then I'll explain it.
The faceless people are those who have conformed to look and act like everyone else. Those who wear the masks are the people forced to conform by the people around them. The creatures are the people who have found the sense to break free and are now on a mission to save those who do not want to fall victim to conformity.
That should help, and once again, GREAT MOVIE!


Dat was ByFar The best Vid Ive Seen on Newgrounds.



"Oh shit, getting the glare from BACON!"

great works

This movie was stylish and has a very interesting protagonist.
Although the story makes no sense.
I loved all those crazy monsters you made.
Nice job.


what's the na,e of that song