Reviews for "Perform"

hang on a minute

eveybody seems to have a different idea as to what is going on in this animation. If your intention was to keep it somewhat abstract then this doesnt matter but as a narrative piece i think this fails. I thought it was just a guy conforming when these things find out about him and start chasing him but it turns out that they are helping him and were originally people seeing as he transforms into one when he relises he doesnt have to conform because there are others out there like him because of the other person in the crowd with that helmet on. Maybe. But there are so many different takes on this story. The single level animation was pretty good.


Too bad I'm not found of the song, but the drawing is superb. Or at least that's what I think.


it was awesome dude. maybe i'm a lil' emo, but it was amazing in my eye.... Keep it going!

EMO, Autistic but EXCELLENT

Well i thought tha animation, the message, the theme, the moving background and everthing else was just terrififc.

Looked kinda emo and autisitic but wth we are testing aniamtion here so i will give you a 10=)

BTW nice work with the music selection i thought it perfectly fit the video.
Keep IT Goind=)

Great song and animation

the message made me feel more like being me then trying to be like others that hate you for being different in their perfect world but we can help those who are different and tell them that they shouldn't change for them

your animation really helped me today and maybe for the rest of my life