Reviews for "Perform"


Great animation, Great music. Unfortunately it was huge and the story seemed just a little dragged out.

Other than that, Great job overall.


Was he afraid of being different? Interesting but a bit meh


Only critisism is it was as dull as dilbert.

Loved every second

It was so twisted and complex!
It made me really think about my life and the way the world (in the animation and in the real world too) is.
This animation must be be seen by as many people as possible it is almost life changing.
I will promote it as much as possible!
Thank you very much for creating it it was inspiring!!!!
If only the scale went above 10 because I'd give it a 100!


love your style of art and animation but the story was pretty bland tbh but i enjoyed it never the less.
is it just me or did the bacon have a face and lil arms pmsl XD