Reviews for "Perform"

vary good

makes you think and i loved the massage you put into it i hope you make more like this

Excellent, Thought-Provoking Piece

This definitely draws some philosophical musings when I watch it. Like much of your other works, it carries a strong (but slightly hidden) message. Art is a great advance in your animation style, and is smooth and fluid while portraying the gruesomely dark landscape.

NOTE: For anyone who doesn't get the movie, it's the story of a unique person in a conforming world. The protagonist wears his helmet to avoid being singled out by the masses as an individual, but then the beasts start appearing. He flees them, but at the end they are revealed as liberators, helping him to embrace his uniqueness. This is why he turns into a creature and flies off towards the other masked character, to help liberate people like himself.


why did he turn ito that creature and what happend before that?????????????


so sick man, i love it. and monarch is amazing.


this gave me goosebumps...