Reviews for "Perform"

It was good but....

17.4 Megabytes? That takes a while to load, try to compress it.

Great movie

That was fantastically done. A bit wierd, but so are most of your films xD. I just wish I knew more about what happened before and after the time this movie takes place. It seems pretty damn intresting. I mean he must have learned how to turn into a furry bat thing before he went to work. But other then that, fantastic.


that was just amazing!
10 stars and 5/5


I like emo songs. The animation was great. I can see in it a lot of time and effort.

Spelonker, it doesn't have to be flash, not it wasn't made in flash, it was a flv or other such video format. And seeing as though you havn't made anything I'm guessing you don't appreciate the work put into animation.

I think this animation is great and I know how much of a strain it is on your wrist to animate on paper, and all the textas, pencils, erasers and paint being used is a pain. Great work.

Great great!

cool nice oiece of art! liked it verywell and perfect name to animation.