Reviews for "Perform"


it was really REALLY good...although i think i understand the poin im not however clear...and yea its a little emo but who cares VogelArcher15...work is work


While i'm still not sure what was going on in the story, the style and animeation is the clincher! Nice Job!


your a great artist but i still dont get the whole point of that movie. great song though,


i like the art work and the music. but it did seem like you used the same scene over a few times. which isnt so bad. i did kinda get bored with it too. midway i was thinking whats the point? like there was something lacking in the plot.
guy wants to be different, he goes to work then gets attacked by monsters... then he becomes one cuz he's different??? or something... i dont know. defintily potential in your work, i just wasnt too impressed.
and yes i never did any flash of my own, blah blah... but if anyone puts their work on the internet, expect criticism.

who cares

who cares about size these days we all got broadband anyway
(remmember the good old days waiting for 2 whole days to just download 700 mbs worth of a movie)

animation build around the music
drawn pictures in loop really hurt my eyes at some point
made me bored halfway
tho the music is good and u can draw reasonably