Reviews for "Perform"

Awesome job.

Really great job, the message, the animation and the music were all awesome.

I THINK the message here is to always be yourself, and look out for those that aren't, the people who aren't may view you as weird (or as "monsters"), but it's better to be who you are no matter what.

It's funny how anything conveying any sort of sadness these days is immedietly "Emo" and I'm sorry your flash is a victim of this.


Although it was a bit confusing,
you do have very decent artwork.
Good job XD


iƤll give nine, cause i really liked it, though i just didn't get the point. sorry >___>'
but it was very well done!!! ^__^=


Wow that had some real deep meaning that I think I kinda get.


nice animation... cool style.. only the guy in the movie is a little emo xD
ah well... great overall