Reviews for "Perform"


This was great. I'm assuming this was a stop-motion animation or what, but regardless of how it was made and whatnot it was great. I loved the visual style, the song fit the atmosphere too.

Can't wait to see the next flash you make!

Keep it up.

reminds me of...

the book The Giver

Gritty, Visual Sweetness!

The animation gets this a 10, the story should get a 20! I just love stories of destopia.

So good!

Good work, and I liked the plot: you can get multiple interpretations of it. One of those is that you can wear a mask to "fit" in the crowd, but you can't hide forever from yourself and from those "monsters" that "threaten" the system. Then, you become a monster. But I like most of all that part when the spectator discovers that, in fact, there are 'potential' monsters everywhere: not all the people can remain alienated, and the system can not stifle all manifestations, even if it absorbs them at last. From this perspective, this is quite optimistic, because apparently nothing "bad" happens to the protagonist after his "transformation" (it could have had a 1984 ending, for example).


The animation was just great !!