Reviews for "Perform"


i didnt understand the little story at first, but it was really cool. awome..

Without a doubt

One of the best Flash movies I have ever seen. I loved the music and the drawn style along with the amazing storyline. Ive always loved 1984/conformity/revolution type things and this took the cake.

I am so glad I logged on today to watch this.

i loved it

seriously... it was sweeet


Once more, you've brought to newgrounds a masterpiece.
One question remains: do you dream all of this? it feels like a dream, where people get trapped within their own thoughts and emotions.

Please do not stop posting on newgrounds

so good

the people at the end, are transformed in what they really are, different from the "normal people" and the things that they do at the end is to make them be as they really are
i think that, are thepeople that think different as the other who realize that you are different and make you to get rid of your own mask
scuse my english, i´m argentinian