Reviews for "Perform"

Liked it.

Keep going with this sort of thing, It's impressive to think what you could do by continually improving in this genre.


Unique and I like it! :D:D:D:D

pure artwork.

at first it caught me off-guard because of the whole theme of it, but it's got such deep messages in it...i loved it :)
it's verrry artistic. and as that one guy below me said, very dilligently made. well done, and yes, please keep it up!!

I agree with EddieBrock

i did not enjoy it. but. it was diligantly produced, and for that, you get a 10 and a 5. good good work! keep doing this yur a great animator.

brilliant mind f*&k

my comparison to this would haveto be a kind of silent hill base messaging. creepy as all hell but deep underlying messages inbedded in it. great flash man, how u do that animation? looks kinda like a chalkboard drawing :P