Reviews for "Perform"

Great Video

Problem is its corrupted on your main site.


and to the guy below me, from what i can see, the change was cause he became free of confroming to societies rules and was going out to help others who are hiding. So in a way by changing ones self into the from they chose and like, the most it seems almost alien even odd. But For those who do understand, it's common and nothing to be afraid of. Just my two cents.

Why did he change into a creature?

You kinda make no seance. Do you do shrooms?

Music's a little fuzzy...

Otherwise, it's a freaking brilliant video. This video's my most favorite one, too, due to the fact Im trying to have the same mission... DO NOT TRY TO BLEND IN!!
Thats what ALL of you- and I- should keep in mind.

the monster's on the good side!

he's all for standing out. and he wont stand for this!