Reviews for "Perform"


Eveybody seems to have a different idea as to what is going on in this animation overall. If your intention was to keep it somewhat abstract then this doesnt matter but as a narrative piece i think this fails. I thought it was just a guy conforming when these things find out about him and start chasing him but it turns out that they are helping him and were originally people seeing as he transforms into one when he relises he doesnt have to conform because there are others out there like him because of the other person in the crowd with that helmet on. Maybe. But there are so many different takes on this story. The single level animation was pretty good.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!



It was an aesthetically beautiful piece and the song was pretty good. I can see you put a lot of time and effort into the animation and I cannot fault you on that. It was very pretty to look at, even through it's basic and repetitive colour pallette. Your attention to detail in your drawings is unquestionable.

However, the sound quality was pretty bad, which I did find distracting. Also, the overall concept of the cartoon became boring to me after about a minute and I found it difficult to stay interested in it. It did not grab my attention and it failed to keep my attention.

I think in order to make your next work a better one, you should try to improve your sound quality and perhaps come up with a more engaging plot.

wonderful animation

i love pushing boundaries in society and seeing this just made me smile. its good to be unique and seeing someone or watching a character conquer the fear of being judged is such a great thing to see.


well I think is symbolic of the society, cause when the poeple isn´t like the others in society, they turn on like demons or creatures...is kindda the actual society.
good job man, and I also like the song.