Reviews for "Perform"

Ya, emo kids are conformists.

sooo... moral is if your not a conformists your a monster? ok idc either way, i have HOBBIES! THEY KEEP THE CRUSHING BOREDOM OF CONFORMING AWAY!!! GET SOME, or a significant other, they help too.


the people say everthing what is it that movie
for me is very beatiful (sometimes, I don't understand everthing but after the many come to my mind XD)

very beautiful

I can't say I'm right or wrong...but not alot of animations put a tear in my eye. This animation is just so...reflective on my view to this world.

The first time I watched this I remember just hardly knowing what these images meant. But after experiencing so much from high school and society. I can't help but feel that this whole animation speaks to me.

This was a very beautiful piece, love the art style, the song was a perfect choice.
very well done.


This is so fantastic because unlike other entries, it tries at no point to be silly. The music is so harmonic it completely draws you into the story. It starts off by seeming like it is going to be some crazy action thing but then it becomes more mundane. It is a giant social statement about who we are to ourselves and the world around us. As always, the waving animation is spectualar and adds to the surrealism. I thought of this as a journey inside our minds and what we have truly done with our lives.

Word saying Awesoem

This is brilliant (Possitive feedback)
why is the guy below me rated bad? he is correct not offensive.