Reviews for "Perform"


Tis is just absurd :S
but nice animation

Great work

I understand the meaning entirely and think it's a good cause. All of these people who say conformity is non-existent are obviously fools who only believe what the news feeds them. There are countries that suffer this form of lifestyle and it rarely is exposed. People need to start thinking about the fact that there is a world outside the US and begin realizing that without anyone to expose the threat, the strong will take control of the weak. Incredible video man.

My thoughts below.

I'll say that this was a little extreme to me. I dont believe that everyone is conformed, in fact the world is a very diverse place . I did like the animation and creativity behind it all. The music was fitting, and set the mood very well. I think you have talent, and have found a good way to use it. I am by no means saying that this flash was bad, I simply have a different outlook on life. If that is really what you think of the world, then maybe you need to go see more of it. You may think differently afterwards. Very well done.

BarfQuestion responds:

I'd like to take this opportunity (as many people share your opinion) to say that the video in no way portrays how I feel about life. This is was a commissioned piece by the band who did the song, and while I was able to have creative control over the plot and such, I was widely stuck to this genre by the contents of the song. I agree with the last two sentences of your review totally and I by no means want people to think I choose to view the world all gloomy like. Thanks for the review!

A whisper of fresh air.

I've been struggling to find a way to rid the world of the theology that life is about work and climbing a ladder of other people's expectations. It looks like you actually doing something about it. I am 19 and the pressure to hop on board the money train and help build "the wall" (Pink Floyd tried to tell us) is driving me insane. But, in my opinion, we cannot rebel for the sake of rebellion or personal gain. If we must rebel it should be to make things better. Great flash and great message. If I misunderstood anything, forgive me.


Don't worry about what others say. Maybe they just can't understand it. I really loved this piece. It was beautiful. Really good job, please keep it up.