Reviews for "Perform"

Can't praise you enough, dude.

LOVED the art style, the mood you created, and even the plunge into the fantasy-esque style halfway through.

If you twisted my arm hard enough, I would have to say that i think your shift in perspectives would be more clear if you gave a better snese of perspcetive against the backrgrounds. Again, splitting hairs, and only because you seem to care about the quality if you are willing to experiment with new styles.

I'm watching that again after this review. Keep this kind of stuff up, this is awesome.


Wow that is really very good, i love the way it ends, surprising at first then you see how it really suits the theme and it fits perfectly. Splendid work.

What a statement...

Very eery yet very true.. amazing!

Great Flash

I loved it. A very 1984-esque plot with amazing animation and music to match.

Nice animation style

Looked great, but fairly cliched story about a dystopian future (1984, Metropolis, GATTACA, countless sci-fi films about central government controlling the people) in my humble opinion. I preferred your previous submission about the car radio.

I do however love your animation style.