Reviews for "Perform"

I see...

Emo isn't my cup of tea. I don't hunger for attention and I won't go to extreme heights for that attention, Such as cutting my wrist or attempting suicide.
Being emo causes more problems for your family and friends.
If you're emo just end it all and save them the hope of changing you back to normal.
I see this film and I can relate to it...Not being like everyone else and that noone understands you and they try to make you be one of them...Yes...that is quite like me...But I would never harm myself just because i'm different.
I only know a few others like me...all of us are intelligent and quiet about it. We try to blend in so we do not get noticed and get surrounded by "worried friends or family" I believe this review has gone on long enough so I will end it with this...

Don't give in to negative thaughts, Combat it and face it and inject your own reality into it. Make yourself comfortable is all i'm saying.

I hope you understand what i'm saying...

Love your work!

@ Wyldbob117: Everyone conforms to diversity in one's self or in a group. Don't Hate

10/10 5/5 great everything, ^-^

very good

a good sad.

best video that i have ever wached

i love the music in it, there is great animation, very great video. love it.
u should make more videos like this.


I watched your V-day 2011 animation today and really enjoyed it, and then saw the link back to this video. I love this video. Not only do I enjoy your unique style of animation, but this video is what originally got me into Monarch - which has been my favorite band for three years running. I wanted to thank you for that. (I hate to make a plug for Monarch on this review, but for the love of music, go look them up.) Keep animating and keep covering great, underrated artists like Monarch (and I Fight Dragons, etc.)