Reviews for "Perform"

Bit odd.

Loved it, loved the music, but a bit depressing.

It's purty....

Very nice artwork and audio. I aso liked the concept althought it was a little dark. I think the whole point of this movie is a little over done. So many people animate,write about and talk about a loss of diversity in modern society, but you did a good job conveying that idea, and I like the fact that you didn't just make it creepy. You gave it a point and something of a storyline, along with a good serving of beutiful crepyness.



The graphics were nice,music also but the point of the story is just too dark(kind of emo)!I don't see the world like that but anyways we are kind of like ants..I get that point!Anyways good luck!!:-)

Deep and true

the world really does have a tendency to feel like this a lot of the time.

A spectacle among newgrounds

This is indeed a spectacle where hard work shows. You portrayed the ideas in a fantastic and creative way. Keep up the good work. Stay a monster.