Reviews for "Perform"

Loved the Style

The animation style was great! Well worth the wait for it to load.
Music sync was very nicely done.

The only thing I have to say constructively is that the cadence didn't change throughout the whole piece - the action scenes were the same speed as the drudgery scenes.
Depth of character wasn't there so much... Maybe a bit more reaction for the non-conformist / (amazing) creatures of control.

The ending was fantastic.

Keep up the good work!


i really like the entire thing and it took me a minute but i figured out what it all ment and i say keep it up :)

Very Poignant!

I've said it before, your style is very unique and true to your storytelling. You should be working at a studio if not this year then soon after. Keep up the great work!

its ok

i didnt really like the music very much but u did the animation and graphics really well


i like the way you drew it and i love the music! but i didn't really understand the hole thing.......but i couldn't really understand foolycooly lolz good luck its on meh favs!