Reviews for "Perform"

very deep

to all the people who gave this low scores ur retarted!!! becuse u cant understand anything about emotions or something like that and it was a great video cant wait 2 c whats next

O.O Kick Ass

Wow. I actually figured out the idea of it my first time watching. :P Kayata beat me to that comment. >.<


it really is bloody good!


Very clever, an original idea. The ending rounded it off perfectly. I reply to an earlier comment, I think it's better that there wasn't much character development, because that reinforces the idea that it could be anyone, it's happening all the time, everywhere.

Nice. 5.


that was pretty deep, though im not quite sure if i really did catch what was being portrayed in this flash. however, after a bit of thinking, i probably do get it now =]
i like the song, i think im gonna try get a hold of Monarch's stuff now.
i also liked the animation. it's different to what i've seen in any other flash. very unique