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Reviews for "TastelessCandy - Ep5"


was good. What exactly is the made for mobile thing. I know that you make it for cell phones, but how does it work?

Looks like a weird BBC show

I can't blame you for the backgrounds I think...this is not fair. But I do. This is lazy animation. That makes it look like a whacky BBC saturday kid show. And the humor is missing lol. I just liked the dog's voice. That's it seriously. I don't understand what the family was doing here anyway, waited for some cock jokes or post-mature puns.


The animation and camera was PERFECT!
I kinda liked it, but if you would add more
to it, like voice acting, story and a little bit
more humour it would definitely take alot
of space in my favourites. Keep it up!


not funny how is this in front page?

animation was sorta good the kids bous sounded weird

I don't intend to ofend you because i'm not good at flahes :D

i agree with lazy muffin

thats exactly what i thought

but the drawing was good!

the animation look tweend and not properly lip synced