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Reviews for "TastelessCandy - Ep5"


The animation was really good.. 4/10.
but the joke was really bad... 0/10
The bird at the begining was cool, he was funnier then your joke ^^ 1/10


It was okay, great animation, it just wasn't that funny..


well you could call the movie name just saying hi not tastless candy cause this has nothing to do with candy

Heh heh :3

I saw ditz on newground and I fort dit look coool! :]

That wasn't bad, not the funniest flash ever, nor was it the best quality. But it certainly wasn't the worst. Congratulations on front page, wouldn't have really expected it, but I suppose it takes one more space away from those 'poops'...

There is one of the frontpage atm, we all know what I'm talking about.

3/5 - 6/10

<3 Zuriki

what front page?

it sucked
the animation was ok but does not make up for the failed humor