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Reviews for "TastelessCandy - Ep5"

Ok flash

It was an alright flash. Graphics were good but I didn't find it all that funny. You have good potential as a flash artist. I'll wait for your next flash.

LOL everyone beat me to the punch

i pretty much concur with all the positive critiques that you've had bestowed apon you, in other words SICK animation but terrible jokes and delivery... try it again but this time with a little less suck.

Awsome Animation but...

The joke really was a let-down. While the idea of a retarded, easily influenced dog is quite amusing and the set up was ok, "It looked cool" isn't really a punchline, losing even more of it's miniscule impact by having the line said reaaaallllly slowwwly.

Wheezing bird at the beggining was great though. XD


i liked it and thought it was a standard quality. only thing is the voice of the boy might need revisiting. but yeah genuinely made me laugh so kudos! :D


sorry to give a negative review but i just didnt like it needed better graphics maybe some music and something to make it funny but good concept though