Reviews for "CAR&UFO"

not so good

I didn't like it. To many obsacles, to slow, no story line, no instrucions...

Creative Controls

It took a little bit to figure out the point of the game (sorry, but there could be more to the description-- "Find UFOs" is a little blunt). It took a bit longer to figure out the controls, but once I did it was kind of neat (hold down the left mouse button, and move the mouse in order to steer). I'm assuming there was a way to speed up the car(since there was a speedometer), but I couldn't figure out how (nope, not space bar...hmmm?).

Once I figured out how to get the game going it was a fun little ride with points given for what it had (simple quirkiness) and for what it didn't (no annoying music, just clean, straightforward sound fx).

Not bad,

Need some work though. Game is very slow, and the control are extremelly awkward. Apart form that, I didn't think it was too bad.

game play

the gameplay was knda bad otherwise ok game

five stars

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