Reviews for "Dance of the Robots"

Not Your Best But Still Good

I enjoyed the game but I thought it was too easy. If you could have made it harder and added a few more attacks by the attacking robot, it would have been better.
Please make a sequel, this is a good idea.

Also I lost 3 lives to the whole unfair jumping thing. But I can deal with that.

Just... Nice.

Music Is Great, But I Don't Think This Type of Games Succeed In This World Nowadays.
High Score Might Have Made It More Interesting.

Why put a summary here if it has no point? z.z

I loved the music and the design.
But it was a bit easy.

Pretty good, though bland

Really nice looking game with smooth controls, but itgot tiring really quick. It was just kinda boring to me.

finally i won

this game is great and hard. or mabey im just not that good. but i did beat it. the hard part was the damn snails or whatever the hell those were but it was good and great music