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Reviews for "Dance of the Robots"

good job

Good idea good art nice music you should add power-ups so it becomes more fun or an high score so we counld see how can avoid more bullets or something like that, it should make the game better but for now
8/10 and


Could use a score meter/levels. Unless I just sucked too bad to reach level 2? although I guess the first one would have said level one.

thas fun

nice music

Brilliantly simple

Soundtrack 7/10 - just needs more of a kick heh
graphics 9/10 - no glitches, smooth as anything
gameplay 9/10 - brilliantly unpredictable and synchonised with the music beautifully

top notch keep up the good work :)

ps, a wonderful small file size aswell :)
i can imagine something like this on mobile phones


The color of the bullets that the robot shots is not the same of the ones that hit you.
That would be fixed.
Anyway, good sound as always