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Reviews for "Dance of the Robots"

kinda nice

good game but the first 2 min I was just bored
its building up to slow

its nice...

it is just too repetitive.. and it takes too long for the moving spikes to appear to add a little chalenge in all that.. till then the only reason you can lose a life is if he bounces you at a really bad time.not saying its too easy.. just bores after a while, put the spikes a little earlier and if there are any other obsticles(i didnt reach that far if there were) let them come faster too.

Just... Nice.

Music Is Great, But I Don't Think This Type of Games Succeed In This World Nowadays.
High Score Might Have Made It More Interesting.


Quite boring.

Very mediocre game.

There is nothing in this game, no functionality. The music should match the game play more. I think it completely garbage. I like the song though, hella cool.