Reviews for "Dance of the Robots"


I think Coolio-Niato is a pretty cool guy. he makes awesome rhythm games and doesn't afraid of anything.

Computery generated music is better in color!

Love the music, so crisp and clear. The motions synch up nicely. Would be nice if you could select different songs, the replay value is hurt by always having to wait through the same song to get to the next challenge.


It's slow at first, but then speeds up freakin fast and catches u by surprise! And the song is from the YuYu, Bitey of Brackenwood series, just in techno. It's great and a fun concept.

music sux!

and the game is way too boring. cute graphic. good for one time play. no replay value. and i really mean NONE. the music sounds like some old polyphonic phone ringtone. urgh


Firstly it hurt my eyes, i found that way to jumpy.
Secondly there are loads of games out there like this one,
Lastly, i like your animation style.