Reviews for "Dance of the Robots"


i luv this game. i beat with a life left. the snails are anoyying

Very good!

this is awesome man congratulations!!!!! :D

Why put a summary here if it has no point? z.z

I loved the music and the design.
But it was a bit easy.

liked it

fun game. You could make the animation a bit smoother, put a timer in it, maybe some powerups and more songs :) The a music is from Adam Philip's Bitey if I'm right :) I like it :3

Great but...

This game is pretty ok and very addictive but I don't think this one deserves a 10/10 though. The animations were made for like mini games and that is what this is lol. Anyway its a great game but you should put up some highscores for how many seconds you can last. And I really wonder when the song is over :S

Anyway keep up the good work!