Reviews for "Luigi in 60 Seconds"

I thought this was 60 secs when I was watching it, but I was counting and ended up on 50 O_o
So 8 for no time managemant

So funny

I like the song.


I thought the 1-UPs would at least give poor, frightened Luigi a SMALL chance! Luigi can kick Mario's ass ANYday, in my opinion! (No offense to you Mario fans out there!)

Smiles. :)

Totally made me crack up. Simply wonderful man. Keep it up.

Quite wonderful video that I've ever watched!

I like the way that you made this video, Jeremy Simms. This comedy centers around Mario's brother, Luigi who keeps getting tortured in many events, such as his run-in with Koopas and running off cliffs. It's sure warm my heart just to watch this clip. Nice and well done, Bigfoot3290!