Reviews for "Maze Level Editor"


I sent you my epic maze =P
This is a good idea you've got here, I can't wait for the game, i'm sure it'll be grand, with all the different creations!

Zoranan responds:

got your level, thanks a million!


i like the concept, and if this works it will be like a huge collab between all ng members, and it will be like playing worlds that someone else create and even ours... i like it.. i like it...

5/5... 8/10

Zoranan responds:

Thanks, I got your level, and it looks good!


i didn't blam it because you said you would create a game based of the levels made in this game, if this was on it's own it would be blammed

Good idea.

Having people send in their maze ideas was good and probaly makes it easier on you. There are many creative people on Newgrounds so I'm sure that you will have some cool mazes.
(P.S. Can't wait for the game!)