Reviews for "Maze Level Editor"

awesome game

here is my maze of awesomeness
row1 = 111111111111111111111111111111111
row3 = 1+1000000000000000000001111111111
row4 = 1L0100000000000000000010000000001
row5 = 1L00100000000+0000000100000000001
row6 = 1L0001000000000000001000000000001
row7 = 1L0000100000000000000000000000001
row8 = 1L0000010000000000100000000000001
row9 = 1L0000001000000001000000000000001
row10 = 1L0000000100000010000000000000001
row11 = 1L0000000010000100000000000000001
row12 = 1L000+000001001000000000000000001
row13 = 1L0000000000110000000000000000001
row14 = 1L0000000000110000000000000000001
row15 = 1L0000000001001000000000000000001
row16 = 1L0000000010000100000000000000001
row17 = 1L0000000100000010000000000000001
row18 = 1L0000001000000001000000000000001
row19 = 1L0000010000000000100000000000001
row20 = 1L0000100000000000010000000000001
row21 = 1L00010000000+0000001000000000001
row22 = 1L0010000000000000000100000000001
row23 = 1L0100000000000000000010000000001
row24 = 1L10000000000000000000011111111E1
row25 = 111111111111111111111111111111111

Zoranan responds:

Thanks for your support


i made a maze lol (duh) so heres my maze of lava

row1 = 111111111111111111111111111111111
row2 = 1000000000000000L00000000L0000001
row5 = 10L00000000000L0L0LL000L0L00000L1
row6 = 10L0LLLLLLL000L0L00L0LLL0L0LLL0L1
row7 = 10LLLLLL000000L0L00L00000L00L0001
row8 = 1000000L000000L0LL0LLL0LLL0LLLL01
row9 = 1LLLLL0L000000L00L000L0L000000L01
row10 = 1000LL0LLLLLLLLL0LLL0L0LLL0000L01
row11 = 10L0L000000L000L000L0L000L0000L01
row12 = 10L0LLLL0L0L0L0LLL0L0LL00LLLLLL01
row13 = 10L0000L0L0L0L000L0L00LL000000001
row15 = 1000L00L0L00000L0L00L00000000L001
row16 = 10L0L0LLLLLLLL0L0L00L0LLLLLL0L001
row17 = 10L0L0000L000L0L0L0LL000L0000L001
row18 = 10L0LLLL0L0L0L0L0L0LLLL0L0LLLL001
row19 = 10L000000L0L0L0L0L0000L0L0L000001
row20 = 10LLL1110L0L000L0L0LL0L0L0L000001
row21 = 10000001000LLLLL0L0LL0L0L0L000001
row22 = 11111101LLLL000L0L0LL0L0L0L000001
row23 = 100P00010000000L000LL0LLL0L000001
row24 = 111111110000000LLLLLL00000L000001
row25 = 111111111111111111111111111111111

Zoranan responds:

Nice maze, I like it

Great idea!

Not the most smooth and good looking interface i've ever seen, but an original idea nonetheless. It was really fun, and i can't wait for the maze tester. I think for the lava, you should have drawn some square, movieclip textures, and for walls maybe some bricks. If you want me to, you could give me the dimensions of the walls, lava etc. and I could PM you a flash file containing all the movie clips for walls, start, portal lava etc., so you just have to replace the current circles, with the movie clips I give you! I've got some awesome ideas for your game.

I gave it a five, so you don't give up hope of making more flash games.

Zoranan responds:

The Level tester is out!


cant wait to show you my level.oh, and make sure to make somthing to test these in to!

Zoranan responds:

funny you mention that, I just started working on a maze test!
Thanks for the review, and you level, it looks good!

i actually think...

its "good"