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Reviews for "TastelessCandy - Ep4"


over 9000 epic lulz

Poor poor animals

Its a shame one always thinks they have it bad, when in reality its alot worst for others ain't that the way it always goes.

ahahahah, omg

This is better than the episode 5, is very very funny ^___^

toon53 responds:

Thank you :)

I'm glad you enjoyed this one :)


i think this is the best of 1-5, the sense of sarcasm seems to befit these punchlines more. as i'm sure you know, the animation is wonderful and highly distinct, i love the unfolding crest at the beginning, and the animal "soundtrack" playing with it. your best weapon is keeping these brief, it insures the style stays fresh, and that the writing doesn't drag. its just the right size. don't be disheartened by the "1ts nt funy enouff" reviews, this series definitely has a future ahead of it.

Really solid work on this alright voice acting as well